Training and Development

The company’s reputation and success is depending on its people’s capabilities. So employee training is the responsibility of the organization. Training and development is a function of human resource management with organizational activities. Employee development is a shared responsibility of an individual employee and the human resource management. The main purpose of Training and development is to develop skills, capabilities and proficiency for employees to improve end result for organization.

Training and development involves three major activities i.e. Training, Education and Development. Training activity focuses on the job that an individual employee currently handles. Education activity focuses on the jobs that an individual employee may potentially handle in the future. The Development activity focuses on the organization employing the individual employee.

IT Universe Techsol is a training and development services provider in India. It focuses on strong and accuracy on each individual’s successes and areas for improvement. We provide trainees a thorough knowledge and understanding of best practices in their individual work. We also provide the variety of methods to make the most of your potential. The methods like practical application of your new skills and knowledge, accepting additional responsibilities, working on rotational assignments to keep trying new tasks and more.

IT Universe Techsol also provides Training & Development program to its staff and also ensures to provide the right resources and an environment to develop their skill for an individual growth.


IT Universe Techsol focuses on advising candidates on how best to understand and choose work domain as per their knowledge to meet their satisfaction of work objectives.

Following are the technologies on which we provide training:

  • PHP
  • Android (JAVA)